i’m back!!

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Things got a little busy for me after I was named a Featured Blog on MLBlogs- I was working on my engineering master’s thesis, I graduated from grad school (Boston University, if anyone’s curious), I got a job at Boeing in Washington state as an acoustic engineer, my master’s thesis was published in the Journal of Sound and Vibration, and I got a new job in Philadelphia as an acoustic consultant for an architectural acoustic consulting firm!

Now I’m here in Philly. I think I’ll be here for a while. Since I moved here in mid-June 2011, I’ve been to see the Angels in NY (Citi field), and in Baltimore (Camden Yards). I’m hoping to head up to NY to see the Angels play the Yankees next month, and hopefully I’ll get to see the Angels play the Phillies in the next few years.

I’ve been tweeting a lot (, Torii Hunter does!), and I’ve been participating in the Orange County Register’s Angels “Tweep of the Week” as much as possible. My visit to Camden Yards this past weekend got me in the first picture of that day’s Tweep of the Week! That motivated me to revive this blog, and to keep pursuing my interests in sports and blogging.

One of my pictures from Camden Yards featured in the Orange County Register

Oh, I’ve also been busy with a little side business endeavor with a friend of mine. Feel free to check us out here.

Looking forward to getting back into the Angels blogosphere with all of you!


The Curse of Teixeira

teixeira.jpgSo, last season Mark Teixeira was every Angels fan’s hero.  Yeah, we still lost to the Red Sox in the playoffs (AGAIN!), but still, he was pretty awesome!  I can still picture him diving for quick, hard-hit balls headed for shallow right field- he seemed to have the wingspan of a 7-foot NBA player!  Those balls would’ve been out of reach for most first basemen, but no, not for Mark.  And how ’bout his batting!  A patient switch-hitter, he knows how to work the pitcher.  And if you’ve got a man on base, forget about it, count it as another RBI for faithful Tex. 

Man, I LOVED him!!!!!! 

Good thing I never bought a Teixeira t-shirt.  What a waste of money that would’ve been.  I’d much rather spend those twenty bucks on a stuffed rally monkey- at least I know he’ll never ditch me for another team!

Okay, so, last season we acquired Teixeira from the Braves.  It made sense- the Angels were headed for the playoffs and the Braves… weren’t.  So we got him and beefed up our lineup.  Then, what happened over winter?  Apparently, he lost interest in us.  He dropped us like a bad habit.  Before he decided to sign with the Yankees, I thought he was headed home to Baltimore, and I could’ve taken that okay- he wanted to be close to home, understandable.  ……… but then he signs with the Yankees?!?!  Seriously??  Dang, how’d they manage to seduce Teixeira?!  He always seemed like one of the good guys (because in my mind, the Yankees are obviously the bad guys, right?? so are the red sox, but that’s another story…).  He was always an honest, solid, good-guy type.  How could he stray to the dark side???

Anyway, I guess it’s obvious- he stole my heart and then broke it.  I’m looking forward to going to ANY yankees game this season, just so I can BOO him.  I know I’m being a little dramatic- he was only with the Angels for half a season.  You don’t see me shedding the same tears over Garrett Anderson who was with us for like 15 years (although I think I can say on behalf of ALL Angels’ fans that we do really miss GA and had hoped he would be an Angel for life).  I don’t know how to explain it.  It was a different kind of love that Mark got from us.  GA was always there, but he was like a Father figure.  We love and loved him in an innocent, familial way, but Mark moved in like the hot new guy at school and left us mid-swoon.

Not only did he love us and leave us, but he got us sick.  Yes, you heard (read: read) me right- he got us sick.  We have 6 of our regular starters injured!!!!!  Most of them are our star pitchers too!  WTH???  Last season, the Angels finished with the BEST regular season record in BOTH leagues, now, we wouldn’t even make the playoffs if the season ended today.  Yeah, I’m not sure we’ve even won 2 games in a row- I think our win streak is 1.  Yeah, he definitely cursed us.  You heard it here first, folks- the Curse of Teixeira.

I’m not exaggerating!  Look at the standings RIGHT NOW!  The Yankees, who didn’t even make the playoffs last year, are 9-6 overall, and 6-4 in the last 10.  The Angels, who were top seeded last year, are 6-9 overall, and 4-6 in the last 10.  WOW, those stats are no coincidence.  It’s the Curse of Teixeira!  besides, even if I AM being a little bit superstitious, it’s baseball!  it comes with the territory!

Anyway, this girl’s heart is not to be messed with anymore.  Mark, you’re lucky I didn’t pull a Carrie Underwood on you!  “… I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, … maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.”

I’m over you, Mark, you’re just another tool in pinstripes!
(no offense She-Fan Jane)

it’s almost that time again!

after officially posting my last blog of the 2008 season back in a
halo-less October,  i’m BAA-AACK!!  and i’m still an Angel’s fan living
in Boston.

so, i was eating a modest dinner, watching an episode
of Friends (the one where Chandler can’t cry), and during a commercial
break I scrolled through the channel guide to see what else was on. 
and there it was, a Red Sox preseason game!  I’m no red sox fan, but
seeing that game meant that baseball is almost here!! so i’m getting a
little excited, and thought I’d post a mini-blog here, just to warm my
site up again.  however, i don’t think i’ll be back in full-force until
after the Lakers win in the NBA finals 😉

an aside: 
does anyone else think that new Red Sox RF, Chip Ambres looks a little like Timbaland??





early hibernation (final entry of the season)

ok, the angels lost.  again.  is the world happy now?  they were right, they couldn’t get past the red sox.  again.  it’s taken me a couple days to cope with monday night’s heart-wrenching loss, but here I am- no longer rooting for a playoff team, no longer the featured blogger on mlblogs, ughhhh the bane of my existence…..

this will likely be my last post for a while whilst i move on to the pending nba season.  (as far as the rest of the playoffs go, i think dodgers will face tampa bay, and if that’s the case i hope tampa bay wins.  if it’s dodgers/sox, i hope the dodgers win.  either way, i think the dodgers will get past the phillies).

here’s my goodbye to a championship-less, yet, still amazing season:

ode to my  2008 angels: (warning, i am NOT a poet, nor do I know anything about poetry)
springtime in california, how i miss your glorious rays,
warm days, crisp night’s, requiring my red jacket at the big A.
on a losing night,
torii’s inner fight,
walked off the grandest slam i’d seen in all my days.
fighting with the blue’s, (the umps and dodgers too),
seeing the couple in the row before me make their decisions to say “I do.”
not off to the best start, but good enough to still be best
becoming the nation’s winningest team, and another title- AL West!
watching the red sox fans whine, as we take 8 out of 9
then succumbing again to playoff pressures,
though to snap the cursed streak.
we lived to see another great season
end early
so then,
we’ll warm up again in spring 2009
and continue in the fight
to be baseball’s most proven team-
for an angels Red October
I will continue to dream.

Goodbye MLBlogs for now.  If you’d like to keep up with me until next Spring, you can find me on blogspot here.

love is in the air

at least for me it is.

what a game last night!!  did you watch it??  did you watch all 5+ hours??  i did, and i love our team more than ever!  game 3 was the first of the series when our own errors didn’t [reasonably] COST us our game.  we still made mistakes, but we were able to keep working to get past those mistakes.  hitters other than the 3, 4, and 5 spots were able to get hot, and we were able to keep key players like jason bay at bay (sorry i couldn’t resist- media used it the other day as in the angels being held at bay, i HAD to flip it back at them, right?!)

anyway, as proud as i am right now, i know this means we have a tough game ahead of us tonight again at fenway.  with last night’s game ending well past midnight, tonight’s game kicking off just after 8pm, throw some jetlag into that mix and you’ve got a couple of worn out teams.  i’m GUESSING that the red sox have the advantage because they may still have eastern time on their internal clocks, but the angels no doubt will be running more on adrenaline than on sleep for game 4.

last night really was a pitching duel.  for a while i thought it might come down to whichever team had the most pitchers.  and after we got frankie out there, i had no idea who scioscia would bring out- justin speier?? who else was there?  and then out comes jered weaver.  our lanky, 6’7″ regular season starter.  he sure did bring it.  he commanded those last couple innings with a presence that he sometimes lost during the regular season.  he made me proud!  (trivia fact: as a little leaguer, jered played on a team called the Angels, and went to college at Long Beach State).

last night was an amazing team effort; in addition to the starting lineup, we got help from arredondo, oliver, shields, frankie, weaver, willits, morales, matthews, jr.,.. it’d almost be more efficient to list those who DIDN’T play! (s.rodriguez, b.woods, …)

major props to our catcher, mike napoli.  i’d been saying it the last couple games, that he was due for a big hit, and he got it!!  TWO of them!  those were huge, not just because it kept us alive in the box score, but for the momentum and morale of the team.  especially for those 2 HRs to com in an elimination game against Mr. October himself spoke volumes of the fight that the Angels still had in them.  Juan Rivera and Kendry Morales both haven’t been producing as much either, and I think they’re also overdue for big hits, so we’ll see where Scioscia puts them tonight.

Now that the non 3-4-5 guys have been connecting with the ball (Figgy really got us going with that triple off Beckett’s first pitch, Nappy’s 2 HRs, etc.) I think the pressure is off of Teixeira, Guerrero, and especially Torii Hunter for game 4.  Everyone knows that the WHOLE team is fighting, and I think that will help loosen up our 3-4-5 guys for some more extra-inning hits (which there has been a drought of).  I’m looking for a big game from those 3 tonight.

Last, but SO not least, I gotta give so much credit to Mike Scioscia himself, number 14, the Angels franchise’s most winningest manager.  i really respect him- the trust he has in his players (putting krod back in last night after friday’s night’s, well, let’s not talk about it), putting jered weaver in in the 11th and 12th, not blowing a gasket when others might have, offering some help and calling plays to napoli and the pitcher when he needs to, and especially for being able to keep his players calm (i love seeing him clap and motioning to the players to relax, stay calm).  these are qualities needed especially during the playoffs, and for scioscia to do it with genuine optimism as truly admirable.

man, i love this team!!

tonight will be tough- lackey vs. lester.  lester was a monster in game 1, but lackey worked the red sox pretty well himself (except for that one HR).  i suspect our batters will be better prepared against lester tonight, having such recent experience with the new-and-improved lester and his pitching prowess.  so, while we’re facing a pitcher who’s SO much better than he was when we saw him in the regular season, the red sox are facing an angels pitcher who has proven himself to be a consistent threat.  brace yourself for another amazing pitcher’s duel tonight!

let’s take this series back to anaheim!!!!!! 
GO HALOS!!!!!!

down but not out, bring on the monstah!

k quick post before church today…
i’m not going to finish that other post just yet- the whiney, i-hate-everyone rant has temporarily departed.  now, the only thing on my mind is game 3.  i got a text last night from a friend who was at dodger’s stadium after their game 3 win and series sweep.  okay, so espn picked the cubs to go all the way this year.  Ummmm how bout not even past the NLDS?  so whoever over at the evil 4-lettered network whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken [anymore] decided to pick the angels to come out on top here, thanks BUT NO THANKS!  they did this to us during the lakers-celtics series too, now that i think about it.  Well, there goes any credibility they had…

as for today’s game, chances are NOBODY is picking the angels to come back from this one- but when you have FOUR, count ’em, 4, playoff series’ that are ALL 2-0 must-win-situations, i mean, you’re just setting the stage for a major upset, major cinderella story.  the angels still have a lot of fight in them, and there’s no way we could keep making the ridiculous errors we’ve been making when we’re one of the top defensive teams in the league, so it’s time for ANY crazy baseball curses or demons that are plaguing the angels to dispel.

my team’s not done playing.  i don’t believe it and neither do they.  even if the rest of the world is against us, i don’t care.  knowing that my team (article read via angelsbaseball.com), still knows they can come out here and take care of business, is all the insurance i need.  bring on the monstah, bring on the crazy fens fans.  bring on the dropkick murphys anthem, pirates of the caribbean theme songs- anything. 

joe saunders has proven his ability against beckett at fenway in the past, and he’ll do it again tonight.  angels fans, don’t give up just yet! remember, we clinched our berth WEEKS early, so we’re just gettin warmed up here 😉

when the going gets tough…

..the tough get going.
enter: me.

okay, i feel i should take it upon myself to defend myself and fellow fans right now. but first, some background:
i’m a 20-something asian american female, born in Anaheim, raised nearby in Cerritos, Ca, literally on the border of LA and Orange counties.  Having lived in southern Ca my whole life, it’s really all I’ve ever known, all I’ve ever loved.  I remember going to Angel’s stadium as a kid, getting lost in the parking lot, my family getting Lakers season tickets in the late 90’s (still got ’em!), becoming a true Lakers & Angels fan as years progressed and I learned more about the sports and the teams and the players.  I can’t and won’t claim to being a lifelong fan of either team, because my love for the Lakers didn’t develop until I was in high school, and my love for the Angels not until more recently when I actually started to follow the regular season.  So I may not be the oldest fan, nor the most knowledgeable fan, but if there’s one thing I CAN pride myself on, it’s being a loyal fan.

See, I have this problem right now, and this problem is better known to the outside world as Red Sox fans, or perhaps I could extend it to east coast fans in general.  Even better, I’m just  going to say that my problem is BAD FANS EVERYWHERE.  Wait, before you start hurling stones at me, I whole-heartedly excuse any true fans regardless of what team you root for, from this whiney blog. 

It’s not so much that I hate Red Sox fans, (or east coast fans), but I hate the BAD ones.  You know what I mean- the ones who act like they’ve been lifelong Celtics fans when really they never talked basketball or watched a game until KG got there last season?  Or what about the “fans” that are fans because it’s just the culture to be one out here.  To some degree, this is excusable, it’s fine, it’s your town, your team, etc., but when your upbringing causes you to be one of those “fans” that doesn’t watch games, doesn’t follow through each season, is only known to be a fan by the hat you wear on your head, yet you feel that you have the right to rail on other teams and other teams’ fans when they lose- that’s when you become a problem to me.

I know, so cal fans get a bad rap for being horrible fans all the time.  I can’t deny that we’ve got plenty of bad fans in socal, but neither can I sit back and let my region get trash-talked for it either.  So, let me apologize for pointing any fingers are particular regions, or demographics.  My problem today is with bad fans, west or east.  I’m more inclined to hate Red Sox fans right now, just because of the obvious predicament the Angels are in right now, so please don’t hold it agaist me too much…

A couple things have really set me off on this matter:

first, i get a message after the angels lose game 1.  it’s from this girl i know, a red sox fan currently living in socal.  she asks me how it feels to be an angels fan in “bahston” right now.  now normally, this wouldn’t really bother me if it was done in good spirits, friendly banter.  unfortunately i’m pretty sure it was mean-spirited under the guise of friendly banter.  this girl NEVER talks to me.  even if we’re in the same room, she appears PAINED to say hello to me.  she shows up at my sending off [to boston] bonfire not even realizing it was for me until she saw me there, and instead of leaving (like I’m pretty sure she wanted to) she makes some polite small talk with me and sits off to the side with her own friends, helping themselves to the food MY friends were kind enough to prepare for the occasion.  she’s the type of “fan” that i’m not interested in dealing with right now.

secondly, getting props from a friend (a true red sox fan, also currently living in socal) for my blog getting featured here on mlb.com/blogs, he mentions that he’s impressed with the respect i’ve given boston, and how he could never dream of giving as much respect to any LA team.  Okay, so this was a well-intentioned message, and I appreciate it.  but it also raised a good point in my head- do red sox fans (or perhaps east coast fans in general) just not have any respect for LA and our teams?? 

this opens a whole can of worms, and believe you me, I’ve got plenty to say, and I’m pretty sure nobody will be reading this, so I will end for now with a “To Be Continued…”  I need to take a nap- last night’s heartbreaking game wore me out…  don’t worry, i’ll finish off what i’ve started later tonight when I need a study break….